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Fixed-wing UAV

The main strength of AU's fixed-wing Xr-T9 is its ability to remain in the air for extended periods of time, often Beyond the Maximum time a pilot is allowed to fly. Equipped with fuel cell and solar panels the Xr-T9 can remain airborne for up to 72 hours with a maximum range of up to 5,040 km.


Military Applications


Recent conflicts have demonstrated the effective utility of UAVs, and are fast becoming an integral part of military operations worldwide. They boost the efficiency of military forces by performing a range of routine, arduous and Dangerous missions that keep personnel out of the line of fire.


UAVs are routinely deployed as remote sensing platforms performing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissaince (ISR) missions. They may also be used as radio relays for Beyond line of sight (BLoS) and over the air crypto re-keying. A number of sensors can be fitted including: electromagnetic sensors (visual and infrared cameras), radar, biological and Chemical sensors - for the detection of Airborne biological and Chemical agents.



Civilian applications


The Xr-T9 has a number of advantages that could be exploited in industry, the emergency services and within Scientific research. the mining industry for instance could make use of the Xr-T9's high endurance for mapping large swathes terrain and for detecting potential mineral deposits. Indeed the Xr-T9 is ideal for all manner of geological survey and mapping where the purpose is to gain a "bigger picture".


Another advantage to having automated "eyes in the sky" is the potential for rapid response to emergencies as demonstrated by their successful us in the forest fire monitoring in the USA. UAVs have also been proposed as platforms to monitor Extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes and to assess hard to reach disaster zones.



Dimensions: Wingspan: 7.2 metres (nom) up to 9 metres (max)

Length: 3.2 metres

Flight time: 4 hours With li-po batteries only, but can be increased With additional batteries

12 hours With optional solar panels

72 hours With optional fuel-cell and solar panels.

Duration is approximate. Power generated dependent on weather and location

Altitude: 14,000 ft. (4,267 m)

Speed: 70 km/h cruise

Range: std. Li-po batteries: 280 km

with solar panels: 840 km

with fuel-cell and solar panels: 5040 km

Payload: 10 kg as standard, but up to 35 kg With optional frame/wings

Sensor: Radio Relay, Link-16, camera, laser, weapons

Telemetry: KDA SR-600/WM-600 or L-3 Mini CDL

ISV (optional)


Accreditation: Made to utilise the New STANAG 4660, and With respect to STANAG 4586

Sub system tested over several years