The main strength of AU's rotary-wing Xr-T8 is that it is highly manoevrable and unlike its fixed-wing counterparts is not constrained by flight patterns and minimum airspeeds. As a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) Aircraft the Xr-T8 is a highly resposive and flexible aerial platform that requires no runway or launching Equipment.

This makes the Xr-T8 particularly useful for tasks where Space is Limited, for example in urban warfare operations, or to perform "fly on the wall" surveillance by law enforcement officers in the Field.

 Military Applications

Rotary-wing UAVs are increasingly being deployed in military operations as Remote sensing platforms performing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions; as tactical combat aircraft; and as a communications relays.

The high manoevrability of the Xr-T8 makes it well suited to reconnaissance tasks. Having the ability to see over hills or buildings or even through woodland via infrared sensors can give real-time information concerning terrain, personnel, and potential hazards in the vicinity. This provides a real tactical advantage but also helps to keep front line reconnaissance teams safe.

Civilian Applications

The Xr-T8 has many potential civilian Applications including operations within the emergency services such as inspecting the stability of collapsed structures, performing search and rescue tasks and assessing road traffic incidents.

The slower operational speeds of the Xr-T8 make it ideal for routine inspections of oil platforms, bridges and Nuclear facilities. And particularly suited to the checking of pipelines and Power transmission lines that often run through isolated and difficult terrain.